Collaborating with the actor, director and acting coach Hanks Li, Weak Chickens curate a series of physical theatre workshops. Apart from bringing together movement, dance and drama together, we also apply the practices to everyday living and ignite creativity in life.Weak Chickens customises training solutions for businesses and corporates with the objective of improving performance and impacting results.

《Creativity and Devising Workshop through Physical Approach》

The Design is based on physical theater-based and somatic movement experiential approach; Effective and funny design of activities that attract participants’ interest and engagement;Transformational, with deep-rooted behavioural changes started from mindset and paradigm shift;Stimulate linguistic smart, spatial smart, interpersonal and intrapersonal smart and bodily-kinesthetic smart;Accept and embrace oneself essential uniqueness.

Tutor: Hanks Li

Producer: Chan Kwan Yee