Commissioned by Hong Kong East Cluster Community Services

Caring Together in Our Neighbourhood – The HKEC Story of Medical Social Collaboration is a book to share a journey started three decades ago…

“Although the destination was ‘better health and care’, there was no map. With the compass needle beckoning us towards patient-centred needs, we found a vague path through the woods called collaboration. Collaboration matured to friendships. Friends learned to share the same dream for person-centred care in our warm and caring neighbourhood. A shared dream inspired us to co-design routes to edge closer to our destination… Our patients’ stories come from 5 HKEC hospitals, spanning 7 medical social platforms, 13 departments and 8 NGOs. Our patient volunteers and other departments contributed much to the illustrations… This book is dedicated to our patients for whom these partnerships exist across the medical-social divide…”- An Editorial Preamble

Production: Weak Chickens

Managing Editor: Chan Kwan Yee

Chinese Editor: Yvonne Chan

Illustrators: Maoshan Connie, Dani Lam, Joy Lam

Designer: Pun CheungKevin