“Humour is the closest thing to truth we have; when you laugh at something, on some level you are recognising a moment of truth…” 

最好笑的喜劇來自痛苦和真摯。舞台上,小丑總在面對人生最絕望的境況,並用上絕望而可笑的方法來拆解危機;但就是這樣,令台下的觀眾心中苦澀卻不自覺捧腹大笑。 小丑的紅鼻子和面具以至表演都是超越文字和文化障礙的最強武器,它神奇地讓我們卸下虛假外表、釋放最真摯靈魂。小丑的創造力和感染力在於真實,但凡是真實的,不論滑䅲靦腆趣怪尷尬害羞悲傷,都會讓人看得會心微笑。笑,就是觀眾見證真實的證據。今天的我們,可否接近真相多一點? 

As the old saying goes, “comedy is only funny when there’s real pains.” On stage, a clown always faces very desperate situations, and would use the most desperate and ridiculous methods to dismantle the crisis; and this is how he makes audience burst into laughter along the bitterness in heart. In theatres, the red nose and mask of a clown are the greatest weapons that transcend words and cultural barriers. It allows us to put away our fake faces and free all aspects of ourselves. The creativity and contagiousness of the clown lies in the truth. Therefore, we smile and laugh no matter it is hilarious, embarrassing or sorrowful, as long as they are true.

《小丑的眼淚》The Tears of a Clown
Show dates:2021.9.16 – 17 20:00
Presented by 不貧窮藝術節 Let’s Be Together Arts Festival