Presented by Tai Kwun, created a play under “A Season of Performing Arts: SPOTLIGHT 2023”.

《我最終死去的房子》百年遺城女書   莫失莫忘故事相傳



《I will die in my home》The 100-year chronicle of the lost and forgotten…continues

Is there anyone who, in his youth, already reminisce about the days not yet lived? Among the antiquated buildings in Wan Chai, one home built in the last century escaped the inevitable destiny of being demolished while a hotel becomes the subject of ghost-lore. The home bought by the grandmother used to be glitzy with visitors coming and going. The daughter-in-law promised to continue the home’s vitality. But the grandmother prophesised “my” eventual passing in this home. People, just like homes, will be forgotten eventually just like the unrecorded last words of the abandoned souls. These lonely presences, one after another, continue to be overlooked by history. Local playwright Chan Kwan Yee and director Yan Pat To joined hands for the first time to chronicle the century-old ghosts that lingered in Wan Chai. A home for the living becomes a tomb for the deceased. A narrative stage traversing time and space will be set at Tai Kwun, setting forth a story about a Hong Kong woman who stayed and a tale of bygone years.

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Creative Team

Playwright:  Chan Kwan-yee

Director: Yan Pat-to

Performer: Emily Cheng, Lai Yuk-ching, Ceci Chan

Movement director and performer: Wayson Poon

Set designer: Yuen Hon-wai

Light designer: Vanessa Lee

Music and sound designer: Sze Ka-yan

Video designer: Wilfred Wong

Costume designer: Cheung Ho-yin

Producer: Felix Chan